Impact of chronic liver disease on COVID-9 infection at Zagazig University Hospitals

Document Type : Original Clinical


1 Gastroenterology and hepatology unit, internal medicine department, faculty of medicine,zagazig university.

2 Microbiology department, faculty of medicine, Zagazig university


Background. Chronic liver disease (CLD) is linked to immune system failure, which increases the risk of infections and consequences brought on by COVID-19. Therefore, we aimed to compare hospitalized COVID -19 patients with and without CLD to assess the effect of CLD on the severity of COVID-19 infection. Methods. The study was conducted between April and October 2022 at Zagazig university hospitals. It enrolled 108 subjects admitted at the isolation hospital for COVID-19 illness. The cases were allocated equally into three groups, group (I): Patients without evidence of liver disease. Group (II): patients with chronic hepatitis, and group (III): patients with cirrhotic liver. Result. There were significant correlations between the severity of COVID -19 and the CTP classification of Group III (r=0.5 p=0.05 in child A, r=0.08 p=0.05 in child B, r=0.4 p=0.001in child C). In addition, there were significant correlations between laboratory parameters such as INR (r=0.6, p=0.05), bilirubin (r=0.4, p=0.001), ALT (r= 0.5, p=0.05), and AST (r=0.08, p=0.05) and severity of COVID -19 in studies groups. Conclusion: Those with CLD and cirrhosis had a higher death rate. COVID-19 severity related to the Child-Turcotte-Pugh score (CTP) score.